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Wednesday, January 17 2018 @ 02:23 AM EST
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Having bought our home in PTC 31 years ago, I have seen a lot of growth and change, both good and bad, in the County as a whole.

Politically, the county has been divided into five districts.  Each has its own distinct characteristics and political leanings.  They range from District 4 being Democrat and majority liberal to District 3 being Republican and more conservative.

Each commissioner reflects their District.  So they are not going to agree on every issue.  Which means as a commissioner one must be willing to present their position on every issue and vote.  It also means all must learn to keep it on the issues and avoid personal conflicts on the dias and in any letters or face book posts they may choose to do.  Sometimes they need to just vote their conscience and sometimes they need a compromise.

Being a State Annexation Arbitrator since 2009 and having served on the county Board of Health for four years, as a Councilman and mayor, I have seen and learned a lot.


On financial issues I always want to know why and how to we pay for it.


The big issues we are currently facing in the county are traffic and economic development, meaning jobs.


Another very important issue is the animal shelter.  How we treat animals speaks to our character, values and humanity.  So it's far from a trivial issue that.  It is very important.


Many in Peachtree City do not realize that while we are about 32% of the county, the city is split between three districts, one, two and three.


I will be running for District 3 commissioner and would appreciate your support.