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Your needs versus their wants.


The following is the  newspaper Letter to the Editor published August 27th.


What is going on with the Budget process requires some comments. There needs to be a review of what has happened  to put us in the position we are in now. It is essential everyone recognizes what Council has been doing, this year, is not only a continuation, but making it worse. And finally, taking a serious look at where we are heading under their thinking.

I urge you to first read the "Recreation" article. There are no new issues here. There is nothing I have not addressed while in office.


Lake Peachtree by the Spillway

There has been a lot of talk,

Lake Peachtree by Drake Field spending money and delays.  


To put it in the simplest terms, there isn't any.


The BOE has confirmed what I said in the Article on the Ad Valorem Tax. It will be declining. Remember, I said the total tax collected would bounce up for one year due to the higher tax for current new cars and those who chose the one time higher tax. Then it would fall as those people didn't have to pay again for as long as they owned their vehicle.


Some on Council talk about attracting young families. They recognize the school population is shrinking. But that is where reality seems to end for them.


This a a huge issues needing an examination of fact vs fantasy.


Is recreation something good for Peachtree City? Of course it is. But that is not the where the fantasy element resides.


Time to look at some claims and the reality:


Vanessa Fleisch has been pushing more landscaping since 2010. She bemoans the changes from the good old days when the city was beautiful and there were no complaints about appearances. She talked about all the complaints now being received.


With new people unaware of the history, reinvention by some with an agenda and other factors, a brief history of what has transpired at the Line Creek site is in order.


When this issue came up while I was Mayor, I opposed it. The engineering studies made in 2008 and 2009 plus the rejection of most options for the 74/54 intersection were proofs given for the waste of time and money this would be.


Well, Mayor Fleisch and Councimember Learnard continued to push for the study and was joined by Councilmember Ernst.


With the election over, I am moving forward.


Do I care about Fayette and Peachtree City? Yes. They are my home.


Increasingly people are asking me about maintenance in Peachtree City and the County plus new paths. Where is the funding for this work is also a major concern.

Download this file (Haddix SPLOST list.xls)Haddix SPLOST list.xls[ ]158 kB

An impression has been created the rise in the amount of Ad Valorem Tax coming to each government in the County is ongoing.