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Tuesday, August 04 2015 @ 02:47 PM CVT
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These are the most recent articles added to the Topics (links at top of page).

Chaos on 54

Budget workshop - June 15, 2015

CVB Off Course



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The site has evolved from a single statement of "Moving On" to adding a couple of old articles.


The "views," count, meaning people clicking into an article to read the full text, grew fairly quickly. So, as   "issues" arose, I began writing articles.


Since some topics fall  under both Peachtree City and Fayette County, there may be articles in both on the  same subjects.


Due to many Spam issues, if you wish to register or comment, please email me at donhaddix.com. 


Just because the election is over does not mean I am no longer a resident or the past history has been erased.