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Tuesday, May 24 2016 @ 09:16 PM EDT
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For County Commissioner At-Large


There are a full spectrum of opinions in the County about the agreement reached to settle the NAACP District Lawsuit. This settlement will impact the County for a long time to come.


The agreement is legal and will govern the 2016 Board of Commissioners and Board of Education elections. The new Boards seated in 2017 will play major roles in shaping the decisions and realities realities guidling Fayette into the future.


Believing I have a lot to offer and wanting to be part of shaping that future, I hereby declare my candidacy for the new At-Large Commission seat.


We can accomplish what is needed for the future of our great county without burying it under asphalt and concrete. We didn't move here for urban living.


Note I said "we." While each of us can contribute, individually, there are five Commissioners. That means it has to be a "we" effort.


With my experience and living in Fayette for 29 years, I am ready to step into the job and go to work today.


Your support; moral, financial, campaigning etc. would be greatly appreciated. I am available to speak with individuals and groups. This election is important to everyone.

Thank you for your consideration. I value your vote of confidence and look forward to serving as your Commissioner.


donhaddix@donhaddix.com                         770-823-7915


Election Signs, Handouts and Buttons Available


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April 19th At-Large Forum

First, let me clarify, I do have a slight shake, all the time. That is not nerves but nerve damage in my back due to a car accident back in 1985.


Republican Party At-Large (District 5) Forum video

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What are my Goals?

Economic Development – we need the Fayette County Development Authority to be proactive, not just reactive, in bnging good paying career jobs here.


In turn such jobs sell homes and fill empty and under utilized retail space. They add revenue to County and City coffers which keeps property and other taxes down.


They promote educational opportunities here and support our school system.


Having their employees here reduces commuter traffic. It allows more people to get to work via golf carts and bicycles. As well promoting carpooling and other alternative transportation avenues.


Produce Budgets - that are sound and balanced. Fiscally I am very conservative. Taxes, fees, debt and spending have to be justified as needed, wanted and productive.


Respresentation - Listen to the residents. I will be elected to represent you, not me.


Ordinances - Review, update, remove and create ordinances that are appropriate for today and protect our quality of life. Variances, inconsistent ordinances and other issues create precedence that can be disastrous. Experience from dealing with city ordinances and annexation arbitrations has shown these are very real concerns often unseen until too late


Transportation - Having worked with GDOT and the ARC on many issues, we need to stay aware of their plans for Fayette County and how they will impact us. Materials on the issues are on my website.


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What do I Bring to the Table?

I have been a Mayor, Councilman, member of the Board of Health and have been a State Annexation Arbitrator since 2009. Even when not in office I have remained active by attending various meetings, letters to the editor and my website.


I also owned and operated a business for 20 years, was a supervisor in a $110 million dollar roll mill and a Vet who did Intelligence work for Nam, Russia and China. As well worked in 4-H Boy Scouts, and HOA as President.


Having grown up on a farm in Indiana and lived overseas, I understand and appreciate various lifestyles, values and the impact of government.



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My Accomplishments

How active a Commissioner will I be? What I will do?


The following is a list of some of the things I have done in other capacities. It also shows I do not give up easily when something needs action.



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Staff and Commission Relationship

As a Commissioner, I will not be there for self promotion, but to serve you. I will read the materials given to me by Staff, do my own research as needed, ask questions, debate Agenda Items, vote and then move on.

While I will not rubber stamp Staff's recommendations, I do value them and do not believe it is the job of a Commissioner to micro manage.


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ARC and GDOT Concerns

With all the push by the ARC, GDOT, State and special interest groups. the following covers their ultimte goals and plans.


Contrary to the claims of some, Fayette will be heavily impacted and we really don't have a say if the wish to push forward. So we must be alert to what is going on. Nor did Plan 2010 cease with the TSPLOST vote.


Currently, the plan is to piecemeal the effort until another big push can be attempted.

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What is a Regional Commission and the ARC?

Before discussing issues surrounding the Atlanta Regional Commission, what a Regional Commission (RC) is must be defined.


There is a lot of misunderstanding out there and the ARC, while powerful, would have you believe they are far more powerful than they are, in fact.

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ARC Regional Government

The other articles in this Topic Section get into the details of Plan 2010, Plan 2015, Plan 2040 and provide maps of Concept 3, Truck Routes etc. So that material will not be repeated here.


This is about the desire to combine all the cites and counties in the ARC area, as shown in the map below, into one government.

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Plan 2010 and Plan 2015

Remember the TSPLOST vote of 2012 on the TSPLOST (Plan 2010)? Dead, right?


Think again, it is very much alive, as is its offspring, Plan 2015.

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Plan 2040

Plan 2040 is the foundation for Plan 2010, Plan 2015, Concept 3 and other issues relating to what the ARC is attempting to do.


It is also the spring board of efforts to create a Regional Government.

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Train, Bus, Auto, Truck, Etc

Many of the issues associated with transportation are covered in other articles. The goal here is to pull all the pieces together for an overview and clearer picture.