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Fleisch complained Imker blindside her, others on Council and Staff by not sharing his presentation before the meeting. She demanded time to give his recommendations consideration.

I urge you to first read the "Recreation" article. There are no new issues here. There is nothing I have not addressed while in office.


Your needs versus their wants.


The following is the  newspaper Letter to the Editor published August 27th.


What is going on with the Budget process requires some comments. There needs to be a review of what has happened  to put us in the position we are in now. It is essential everyone recognizes what Council has been doing, this year, is not only a continuation, but making it worse. And finally, taking a serious look at where we are heading under their thinking.

Lake Peachtree by the Spillway

There has been a lot of talk,

Lake Peachtree by Drake Field spending money and delays.