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Pace Lynch and Crescent Communities unveil proposal for Calistoa Lake McIntosh

The only thing that concerns these developers is money.

As Councilman and mayor there was a steady stream of complaints about airport and train noise from Planterrra.

This is right next door to the airport.

While on-again and off-again, the airport has plans to someday lengthen the runway to allow bigger jets to take off and land.

When A Councilman two of us fought against Calula Hills.

Initially it was voted down because a lot of citizens said no and it was just before election time. So the developer was told to wait until after the election and then it would get approved.

This kind of development in that area was a terrible idea then and it is a terrible I did today.

Review who has wanted to develop this area in the past and you will see this is not the end of the effort to do so.
A further effort to destroy the village concept.

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