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OPINION — 5 villages vs. ‘City Centre’: The symbol of the signs

This was the issue that brought me back to Facebook.

I am a 32 year resident who lives in the HOA adjoining the Aberdeen shopping center.

Many probably do not realize that to tear down and rebuild requires following current ordinances. That means it is a much smaller footprint that requires significant topilary and understory trees with berms between that area and Dover Square.

I knew we needed to transition yard ordinance when I initiated and got it in place.

Since then it has had a significant impact and stopped several unwanted developments, including Great Wolf. Another proposal favored by Fleisch and King.

This area is part of the worst 54 traffic and they want to make it worse. Not to mention the impact on storm water.

As the old saying goes you get what you ask for. That is so true on this Council the voters elected.
I will note 6 lanes is not enough for league and you either bowl ten pins or duck pins. They are just two different.
And yet again. They are determined to destroy Peachtree city.

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