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Please indulge me for a point of personal privilege
Looking for something else I stumbled across this.

Please indulge me for a point of personal privilege to respond to those few council supporters who attacked me with incomplete claims.

This shows the efforts to suppress First Amendment rights of elected officials and citizens is not new in Peachtree City.

Beware of those who love to label those who disagree with them as being negative.

This is for Mike LaTella who keeps trying to reinvent history.

He was the chairman of the old ethics committee and found me guilty before any meeting had taken place and never took place.
For those who were not aware, the councilmembers had to retract, in writing, all their actions and claims.

Simple fact is they broke the law and lied based on Imker's claim I did not have the resources to do anything about it.

Well, I do and did and they lost.
Look at the 2014 budget on the city website. You see that the mayor and council salaries doubled from 2013.

Put it simply, Imker lied about the salary in 2009.

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