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Commuting to Atlanta
Commuting to Atlanta is an ongoing issue for Peachtree City.

The simple reality is we need the jobs here.

Peachtree City leads the nation in losing its youth and growth in retiree population.

More homes, retail, recreation and entertainment does not attract workforce. If they did we would already have all the jobs workforce we need.

Jobs attract workforce.

A sound economic environment attracts employers.

But with the highest taxes in the state, Peachtree City is not very attractive any longer.

Most of the employees in Peachtree City do not live in Peachtree city.

Our spending needs to be more like running a home where where you don't spend what you do not have. Where needs come before wants.

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Sounds like 2012 all over again.

Remember the AJC is adamantly liberal and pro-mass transit.

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