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Reason for this forum
It is pretty obvious Imker is working toward another run for office.

He is desperately trying to reinvent himself and escape his history. That cannot be allowed.
On the recent issues of council wanting to move from village concept to a downtown, Imker was silent. That is because he opposes the village concept.
Eric Imker said on his Facebook profile, "Eric Imker fyi on salary for each of the four councilmembers.
"It was $12,000 when I took office in 2009.
I voted to cut it in half to help the city budget when the economic downturn hit the country."

Which is false.

The pay was $6000 a year through 2013. He was on the Council under Fleisch that raised it to $12,000 a year.
Look at the 2014 budget on the city website. You see that the mayor and council salaries doubled from 2013.

Put it simply, Imker lied about the salary in 2009.

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