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2019 election
Chip Glazier
Mike King
Read through the Issues Forum and you see King was right there with the rest of Council.

He supported taking over WASA, spending at least $2 million on worthless studies, changing the village concept to a city center, silencing critics, making a mess of our roads and more.

His so-called accomplishments over the last six years have cost the city dearly.
King says, "In a democracy such as ours, each of us has a voice, but we all must support the decisions of our institution."

No, we do not. That is not how democracy operates.

This sounds like a demand that we have to support everything he has supported. Which is not going to happen.
Mike King - FCDA - Great Wolf
Notice King says he's going to stay on the path of the last eight years of disaster on council.
While I’m sorry for the loss of his wife that is not a reason to vote for him.

The record of this Council demands it must be asked what alternate reality Peachtree City does he live in?

The Council record is not one of positive growth and governance.
Please review his record on
Latella supports Prebor and Fleisch. Darryl Csiscila is a friend of Prebor and Latella.
Phil Prebor Needs to go.

Oobi Childs has said a lot of the right things.Best choice to replace Prebor.

Morgan Hallman wants to fix lake Kedron which is county owned and add lanes to 54 and 74, which are state owned and there is no room to widen 54.

Darryl Csicsilais a friend all of Prebor and Mike Latella, meaning more of the same.

That leaves Steven Newton to replace Mike King.

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