• Updated as of a September 8.


Don Haddix

Staff member
Having lived in Peachtree City for 34 years, been a councilman, Mayor and state arbitrator, I am very concerned for the direction Peachtree City is heading.

Considering all the issues confronting PTC, I am declaring for Mayor of Peachtree City.

Our priorities should be:

1. Police and fire: safety.

2. Streets and paths: every day driving, golf carts, walking, running, cycling, and related activities.

3. Spending: what we spend, where the money comes from and is it being spent efficiently. Needs versus wants.

4. Village concept, not LCI.

5. Preservation of green space and city planning.

6. Restoration of the planning commission.

7. Removal of city employees from the CVB.

8. Rewrite the WASA charter and remove elected from the board.

9. Review and rewrite zoning ordinances to eliminate precedence that allows developers to force unwanted development.

10. Defend First Amendment rights.

11. Understand state law forbids city government from performing economic development.

12. Traffic: the unfortunate reality is that we have no real solution to traffic congestion. Tyrone wants nothing to do with routing traffic through their city. Coweta has never been willing to assist Peachtree City. They have always wanted to dump their traffic through us. GDOT is not going to take any measures for us.

Many changes to 74/54 have been proposed. But none of them do anything to reduce traffic through Peachtree City. In fact, they make it worse. One proposal that will help somewhat is to connect Fischer Road to 85, but Coweta is not interested, leaving building a skyway from the east side of the city into Coweta with no ramps. Ambitious yet unattainable.

After all the issues we have seen over the last eight years we can no longer afford apathy or more of the same. Peachtree City is not a resort city, it is our home. It is time to defend it and return it to the vision that made PTC such a success, not an extension of Atlanta.


Don Haddix

Staff member

This tax will expire in March 2023. If the county commission so desires it can go to the voters for a renewal. My position is I will not push pro or con on how you should vote, just you should understand about this tax and create a project list that best serves the city if it should pass.

You will continue to pay the LOST sales tax. This will not lower your property tax. You will pay another penny for the SPLOST. So how much will it cost you a year? Calculate how much you spend within the county on taxable goods, then multiply it by .01. The amount will vary per every person and family.

So think about it and make up your own mind. As Mayor I will best serve the city as I can either way.

Don Haddix

Staff member
Back when I was mayor the DOT under Obama ordered us to take down our bridge flag. If elected, I intend to do what I can to put two flags back on this bridge and the other bridges in the city.

Don Haddix

Staff member
Traffic Solution

I have no idea what GDOT will say or what the cost will be. The $9 million for the wasted intersection could be transferred to the solution. This solution will improve traffic flow, reduce stress on sidestreets, improve sidestreet left turns, reduce landscaping costs and not create a developer corridor.

From at least Line Creek to at least the bridge by City Hall add one lane between the four existing lanes. Make the new five lanes reversible, three or four for morning rush-hour and then reverse them for the afternoon rush-hour. Make the sidestreet turn lanes dual turn lanes with left turn on green.

This solution works and does not consume a ton of private property, if any at all. No other proposal made to date is viable. Neither Tyrone or Coweta has any interest or reason to cooperate in a bypass. No improvement to the intersection improves traffic flow through the city.

Don Haddix

Staff member
TRAFFIC Solution 2

Build ramps from Fischer to 85 to give an alternate route for north and southbound traffic onto 85 from Coweta.

Why should Peachtree City fix traffic issues created by Coweta County?

There is no relief for 54/74 unless traffic is removed from the intersection. Let Coweta County widen Fischer from 85 into Meriwether County.

Don Haddix

Staff member

Reinstate opening prayer.

Increase public comment to three minutes.

Include in the agenda who is responsible for the agenda item.

Reinstate planning commission. Encourage the use of sunset causes.

Remove city employees and elected from CVB.

WASA - require Council approval for activity outside the city and remove mayor and council from board.

Review in-house versus outsourcing from landscaping.

Resolve the money pit issues with the tennis center and Kedron pool.

Survey recreation for use by residents versus nonresidents and spending. Shift spending to the most beneficial.

Reinstate the city development authority.

Reinstate the three step annexation procedure.

Cease allowing city officials from introducing annexation requests.

Reinstate the moratorium on multifamily.

Review all changes to zoning and actions that created precedents.

Review ordinances for updating.

Contact GDOT about reversible lanes.

Discuss adding more police.

Add US flags to golf cart bridges.

Restore village monuments.

Remove allowance for subdivision signage.

Establish benefit requirements for annexation and rezoning.

Don Haddix

Staff member
I have had more and varied experience in areas relating to government than any of my opponents. Worked in Naval Intelligence with a top-secret, crypto and codeword clearance covering Vietnam, China and Russia. So I saw parts of our government very few have ever seen and thus am a very conservative independent.

Been a supervisor in a steel mill and a business owner. Been landscape chairman, board member and president in two HOA's. Been a Boy Scout leader and the founder of a 4H program. Worked with engineers to help design portions of the initial stormwater program. Further, been a Councilman, Mayor, Board of Health member and state arbitrator.

My ordinances helped stop businesses from building up against streets and highways and defeat Great Wolf. Ordinances that require berms, trees, landscaping and setbacks to separate homes from nonresidential use. Worked with our development authority until three councilmembers dissolved it thus stopping economic development in our fair city.

My plan ended the push for the TDK extension.

Don Haddix

Staff member
On the issue of keeping the city green, I do not support variances to protected areas except in the most extreme of situations. I support the protection of specimen trees and not allowing clearcutting in other zonings until the actual construction is going to begin, subject to zoning landscaping requirements.

I already covered my transition yard ordinance. As mayor I researched how detention ponds were being landscaped. All my research said instead of clearcutting they should have trees planted in them and left to natural growth. This is the most environmentally sound approach, providing noise barriers, more attractive landscaping, heat reduction,wildlife environments, more functional ponds and reduced maintenance costs.

In other areas landscaping should be perennials versus annuals.