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Having issues with HOA in our neighborhood targeting our household. HOA is currently hired by Pulte/John Wieland the builder. We are in Everton Parkside. It started in the summer. They were building a house next to mine. There was a lot of construction debris being left on our property every day. Some of it being nails. I have a dog and small child I did not want them to step on them. I would clean up everyday. I reached out to HOA asked if they could do something about the builder leaving a mess. Nothing was done, although I was told they sent an email. Within a week I receive a notice in the mail from HOA for my garbage can being outside. We live in houses where the garage is the back of the house and we have a shared alley between all the houses. I asked HOA for a picture as all my neighbors in the alley leave their garbage can outside. I wanted to ensure they had the right house. NO one else in the Alley received a notice. Once I asked for proof about a week or two later most if not everyone in the alley then received a notice.

Well recently I received a notice for a sign in my window. The sign was one asking for unity for all. It was in my front window. I understand the convenient of the neighborhood states no signs shall be erected by residents. I would be fine with that if I was the only one that had a sign up, or if other people received notices. I am the only one in the neighborhood that received a notice. Plenty of residents have a sign in front of their home. Not the same sign as me, but it's a sign and HOA said no signs are allowed. I asked HOA to provide me with a list of approved signs for the community. They have yet to provide one. I've requested multiple times, I've been told they are working on getting the sign from the Board. I let them know I was not interested in seeing a list developed after my notice, I requested to have the list that was created prior to my notice. They have yet to do so. I do not think they have a list, and I believe they are trying to create one now. I have no problem complying with rules as I took my sign down. But it's just odd that I was the only one being cited for my garbage can and now being cited for the sign.

Not sure what I can do, but I feel I am being targeted. HOA had ensured me they did not know which house was mine which isn't true because when I contacted them about the debris from the construction they asked me for my address. The board of the HOA is all active Pulte employees.

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Your HOA is not hired, it is a legal corporation composed of the developer and residents. Until the turn over date the developer is the board of directors.

Developers are noted for not representing the residents, but themselves. So obviously for some reason the developer does not like something associated with your home.

At this point in time you need to study your legal covenants and bylaws to find out where you legally stand and what your options are. An example being what actions the developer can take against you other than sending you notifications. As well, does the bylaws actually prohibit outdoor trash cans?

Speaking from experience I resolved an issue with my developer by taking action on my property that the developer could not stop and then negotiating a solution to other issues that were troubling him.

An HOA is not all-powerful.


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The garbage can situation was rectified when I told them all my neighbors had theirs outside as well as my direct neighbor who's can was just a few feet away from mine. So because everyone complained when they received a notice they changed the rules regarding to that. Prior when it was just me fighting they gave me a drawing to put up a privacy type of fence to prevent it from being seen Unfortunately it was too big to fit on our property. it was designed for other property types and not my property.

Now the issue with the sign. it was in my window. They have yet to provide me with a list of approved signs. and all the other households in the neighborhood that have signs outside have not been sent a notice.

This all started when I contacted HOA about the construction debris being left on my property from the build next door. I guess they didn't like me asking for them to clean up their own mess. I had issues with them confusing the property line. They were trying to come over to my property, basically to say hey we aren't leaving a mess on your property it's ours. But after survey being done they found they were wrong.