Learnard for Mayor

Don Haddix

Staff member
Fleisch and Learnard ran in partnership in 2009. they worked arm in arm on Council. I wondered if the plan all along was not for her to run for mayor when Fleisch left office.

As you read through the website you will see Fleisch, Imker and Learnard had a very different agenda for Peachtree City. When Fleisch was elected mayor fractures developed in their coalition.

Here are a few highlights for those who are not aware.
Before running for office . Kim wrote to the AJC urging mass transit between PTC and Athens. On Council, She supported the 2012 TSPLOST.

She called Imker a financial genius and supported tax increases. She voted to eliminate DAPC, thus ending all new economic development except for that initiated when I was mayor.

She is still gung ho on recreation, which is important, but not the heart of the city. The tennis center was and still is a money pit.

If you read her article carefully you see the LCI is very much alive and a goal in her heart. She has no plans in place for the economic future of Peachtree City.