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Don Haddix

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Imker made these proposes before. When asked how that traffic that cannot any make turns gets to their destination he have no answers.

That intersection is a disaster.

GDOT agreed with me that connecting Fischer Road to 85 would give significant relief by giving northbound Coweta traffic an alternative route. But did nothing for 54 traffic because there was realistically no solution.

One councilman agreed with me but the other three did not, including Imker.

Another alternative is to build a bypass starting in Coweta and moving around to 54 east of Peachtree City.

But that leaves traffic that wants to shop in Peachtree city and the stores being angry for reducing potential customers.

Add to that such a bypass would become a developer corridor. As well the traffic that wants to make a right on 74.What GDOT touts as a plan doesn't help. Once out of the intersection traffic volume remains the same and it cuts access to shopping, meaning the traffic stays in the road longer effectively increasing traffic.So what are we do? Building elevated ramp in Peachtree City to who Coweta? How about a tunnel? Or demolish buildings all along 54 to increase the number of lanes?

Or just leave it alone and spend the $9 million on something else?
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Don Haddix

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Build ramps from Fischer to 85 to give an alternate route for north and southbound traffic onto 85 from Coweta.

Why should Peachtree City fix traffic issues created by Coweta County?

I was the mayor who proposed a plan that killed the TDK extension. Again, you want us to deal with your traffic.

It would’ve added 2000 homes and a million square feet of retail in Coweta County which would’ve dumped all the traffic into Peachtree City with zero benefit to us.

There is no relief for 54/74 unless traffic is removed from the intersection.

Let Coweta County widen Fischer from 85 into Meriwether County.
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Don Haddix

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Commuting to Atlanta is an ongoing issue for Peachtree City.

The simple reality is we need the jobs here.

Peachtree City leads the nation in losing its youth and growth in retiree population.

More homes, retail, recreation and entertainment does not attract workforce. If they did we would already have all the jobs workforce we need.

Jobs attract workforce.

A sound economic environment attracts employers.

But with the highest taxes in the state, Peachtree City is not very attractive any longer.

Most of the employees in Peachtree City do not live in Peachtree city.

Our spending needs to be more like running a home where where you don't spend what you do not have. Where needs come before wants.