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Posted by: Don Haddix - Yesterday, 02:44 PM - Forum: Issues - No Replies

Spending cuts are off the table.

Wrong priorities.

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  Forum purpose
Posted by: Don Haddix - 04-25-2019, 11:47 AM - Forum: The Future - Replies (1)

This is where everyone to say where they want Peachtree city to go in the future. What they wanted to be.

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  An example of WASA board failure
Posted by: Don Haddix - 04-24-2019, 10:16 PM - Forum: Issues - No Replies


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  A colossal waste of $9 million for 74-54 ‘fix’ that will fail
Posted by: Don Haddix - 04-24-2019, 09:34 PM - Forum: Issues - No Replies

Imker made these proposes before. When asked how that traffic that cannot any make turns gets to their destination he have no answers.

That intersection is a disaster.

GDOT agreed with me that connecting Fischer Road to 85 would give significant relief by giving northbound Coweta traffic an alternative route. But did nothing for 54 traffic because there was realistically no solution.

One councilman agreed with me but the other three did not, including Imker.

Another alternative is to build a bypass starting in Coweta and moving around to 54 east of Peachtree City.

But that leaves traffic that wants to shop in Peachtree city and the stores being angry for reducing potential customers.

Add to that such a bypass would become a developer corridor. As well the traffic that wants to make a right on 74.What GDOT touts as a plan doesn't help. Once out of the intersection traffic volume remains the same and it cuts access to shopping, meaning the traffic stays in the road longer effectively increasing traffic.So what are we do? Building elevated ramp in Peachtree City to who Coweta? How about a tunnel? Or demolish buildings all along 54 to increase the number of lanes?

Or just leave it alone and spend the $9 million on something else?

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  PTC mayor, councilmen go silent, refuse to comment on Tyrone sewer contract dispute
Posted by: Don Haddix - 04-24-2019, 02:22 PM - Forum: Issues - No Replies



Allowing sewer outside of Peachtree City was always a taboo. Why promote construction on our borders and assist other cities to compete against us?

The same council that approved this is the same one that became the WASA board, even they have no knowledge or skill in this arena.

The same one now being sued for secret meetings as that board. As well as wanting the taxpayers to pay the legal costs even though this is an authority issue, not a city one.

Why did they not just rewrite the authorizing legal papers for WASA to better control sewer outside the city?

Simple answer... Power.

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  OPINION — 5 villages vs. ‘City Centre’: The symbol of the signs
Posted by: Don Haddix - 04-24-2019, 02:03 PM - Forum: Issues - Replies (2)


This was the issue that brought me back to Facebook.

I am a 32 year resident who lives in the HOA adjoining the Aberdeen shopping center.

Many probably do not realize that to tear down and rebuild requires following current ordinances. That means it is a much smaller footprint that requires significant topilary and understory trees with berms between that area and Dover Square.

I knew we needed to transition yard ordinance when I initiated and got it in place.

Since then it has had a significant impact and stopped several unwanted developments, including Great Wolf. Another proposal favored by Fleisch and King.

This area is part of the worst 54 traffic and they want to make it worse. Not to mention the impact on storm water.

As the old saying goes you get what you ask for. That is so true on this Council the voters elected.

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  Say bad stuff about Peachtree City officials and get sued — by the city government it
Posted by: Don Haddix - 04-24-2019, 02:00 PM - Forum: Issues - Replies (3)


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  Pace Lynch and Crescent Communities unveil proposal for Calistoa Lake McIntosh
Posted by: Don Haddix - 04-24-2019, 01:59 PM - Forum: Issues - Replies (1)


The only thing that concerns these developers is money.

As Councilman and mayor there was a steady stream of complaints about airport and train noise from Planterrra.

This is right next door to the airport.

While on-again and off-again, the airport has plans to someday lengthen the runway to allow bigger jets to take off and land.

When A Councilman two of us fought against Calula Hills.

Initially it was voted down because a lot of citizens said no and it was just before election time. So the developer was told to wait until after the election and then it would get approved.

This kind of development in that area was a terrible idea then and it is a terrible I did today.

Review who has wanted to develop this area in the past and you will see this is not the end of the effort to do so.

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  Bad ideas are apparently like the measles
Posted by: Don Haddix - 04-24-2019, 01:55 PM - Forum: Issues - No Replies

[/url] [url=https://www.ajc.com/blog/politics/the-jolt-peachtree-city-ordinance-would-permit-libel-suits-against-critics/K4Xt15TUWCG9MaUAr5FmCN/?fbclid=IwAR1d3vD1TWopzI5zAIdceSAGM6kWzvqEAS7e8dgha_LZiEmg9vWv7XNBym4]ajc.com
The Jolt: Peachtree City ordinance would permit libel suits against critics
Jim Galloway
6-7 minutes

Bad ideas are apparently like the measles – especially contagious in populations that have neglected their vaccines. Or in this case, basic civic lessons.
You know about the state lawmaker from Henry County who has proposed a measure to form a state panel to discipline journalists who displease. The governor has labeled the situation “bizarre.”
The Citizen newspaper now reports that the Peachtree City Council on Thursday will take up an ordinance to allow city officials and employees – at the Fayette County city’s expense -- to sue citizens who defame them and their work in any medium, whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on the airwaves or in a newspaper. In part:
Quote:“Legal counsel shall be selected by the defamed individual requesting representation and be reimbursed by the city at a rate not to exceed the approved hourly rate of the city attorney plus 20%. Further, in the event that a defamation suit is settled in the city’s favor, the city shall seek reimbursement for the actual legal costs incurred….”
Did we mention that every single person in Peachtree City’s government, from the mayor to the city manager to the guy who fills the potholes, is practically perfect in every way? Read the ordinance here, or stroll through it below:

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  Orwellian Ordinances on Deck in Communist Peachtree City
Posted by: Don Haddix - 04-24-2019, 01:53 PM - Forum: Issues - No Replies


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